Knitting Loom

All of the stitch patterns are being done on a ESG (Extra Small Gauge) Circular Knitting loom. Extra Small Gauge looms have a peg distance of 3/8″.

Extra Small Gauge looms are the perfect companion for worsted weight yarn.

Take Note when working with a ESG Knitting Loom:
Yarn Recommendation
: 1 strand of worsted weight yarn or 2 strands of light weight yarn.
Average Stitches per Inch: 4 stitches per inch (if you are doing a sample swatch your minimum cast-on should be 24 + the edge stitches.
Knitting Needle Equivalents: between a size 5 – size 7, depending on yarn choice and stitch pattern.
Recommended Crochet Hook: F or G

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